Club Management

All TDTC committee, instructors and “workers” are volunteers. Without these people donating their time, the club would not function. The management of the club is undertaken by a Committee. Where possible, work is further shared amongst sub-committees. Current committee and sub-committee members are:


  • President & Flyball Manager: Amanda Bateup
  • Vice President & Agility Manager: Leslie Weatherall
  • Club Secretary & Assistant Membership Secretary : Julie Watson
  • Treasurer: Kylie Noonan
  • Membership Secretary: Leni Harris
  • Obedience and Rally-O Trial Manager: Mick Medson
  • Shop & Assistant Flyball Manager: Jenny Lean
  • Maintenance: Bob Nilsson
  • Fundraising & Publicity: Lisa Gill
  • Instructor Coordinator: Mike Askew
  • General Committee: Lisa Warner

Publicity Sub-committee

  • Steve Harris: Website
  • Lisa Gill: Pawprint newsletter