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TDTC Constitution – Proposed Amendment

The TDTC Committee held a meeting on 9 December 2020, open to all club members, to discuss proposed amendments to our Constitution. At the meeting, it was agreed that more time was needed to consider the amendments. As such the consultation period for the amendments has been extended to 1 February 2021. For the reference of any interested parties, you can view the draft Constitution with proposed amendments tracked through the document, by clicking here and a clean version of the draft Constitution by clicking here

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions about the proposed amendments, please email the Committee via


** People’s Choice Community Raffle **

TDTC has registered to take part in the People’s Choice Lottery. Every dollar you spend comes back to the club and you go in to the draw of over 60 prizes, including cars, robotic vacuums, televisions, and pressure cookers, to name just a few. You can purchase a single ticket or you can purchase a book of tickets on the People’s Choice website. or by scanning the QR code to the left.