Obedience training is offered on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Sunday Level 1 and Levels 4 & 5 starts at 9am
Sunday Level 2 and Level 3 10.15am

Tuesday Level 1 and Levels 4 & 5 starts at 7pm
Tuesday Level 2 and Level 3 starts at 8pm

Agility and Flyball times vary depending on class sizes and interest. Positions in these classes are offered subject to the dog’s¬†fitness and level of obedience training. For more information, please visit the appropriate page.


The fees for training are based on an annual membership. Once you have joined, you need pay no more for the year, unless you want to start an additional activity or enrol an additional dog.

Additional information on membership and annual fees can be found on the Enrolment and Fees Page.