About Agility Training

What is agility?

Agility is a dynamic dog sport where a handler directs their dog through a course made up of obstacles including jumps, tunnels, weave poles and contact obstacles such as a dog walk.  It is an exciting, energetic, fun dog sport that allows dogs to exercise their brain, as well as their bounce, all while improving the working relationship between dog and handler.

What types of dog can do agility?

A wide range of breeds and sizes of dogs can participate in agility. Dogs need to be fit, healthy and obedient to the handler.


When are classes?

Classes are held on Wednesday or Thursday nights, depending on instructor availability and participant numbers.
If you are interested in participating in agility and fit the following requirements:

  • Dog 14 months of age – this is to avoid possible damage to bones through repeated jumping
  • Dogs must be fit and not too overweight– to allow them to run around an agility course with ease
  • Dogs must be obedient and responsive to handler (passed Level 2 obedience at TDTC or can demonstrate an equivalent skill level)
  • The handler must be a current financial member to participate in agility. You will be contacted by the agility manager with information on the next intake.

What does it cost

Participating in agility does attract an additional activity fee. If you are not a current member of the club, and would like further information on joining our agility classes, please contact the club.

How to join

Put your name down on the Agility waiting list, which can be found in the club office or speak with your obedience instructor to put your name on the list.