About Tricks

Tricks at Tuggeranong is a relatively new concept. We aim to teach you to teach your dog a variety of level one tricks. These include go round once, circle spin, leg weave, follow target stick step up (onto a platform) paw on hand, send over jump, take a bow, roll over find the straddle and sit pretty.

They all sound fabulous right? But what do they mean? Tricks are a relatively new sport where competitions are starting to be held for you and your dog. It is the precursor to Dancing with Dogs in that your dog needs to know the tricks before they can incorporate them into dancing.

The tricks have been broken down to four levels. Most of the level one or starter tricks are relatively easy. The equipment for tricks is usually supplied by the person with the dog. Some tricks take no equipment, like the paw on hand trick, or circle handler once, or spin.

Dogs can be any size to do tricks, they do not need much special equipment, and there are competitions run regularly to get your tricks title. We also have two dogs working on their level 2 tricks, although none have their titles yet.

We are on Sundays at 3pm, no prior knowledge or equipment needed to start.