Why Join a Dog Club?

TDTC, like other dog clubs, is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers which has been established to meet the dog training needs of our local community. We are focussed on offering ongoing training to support you as your dog matures. Because all our instructors are volunteers, we can offer an annual membership that makes it affordable for you to continue training for as long as is needed, to allow your dog to develop into a valued member of your family. We also offer fenced exercise facilities which can  be used outside of training hours.

There are many training providers who offer short term training courses lasting about 6 weeks. These types of courses can be a useful introduction to training, for example puppy classes offered by many vets are a great opportunity for young puppies to get a head start by starting socialising and basic training before they are sufficiently vaccinated to come to club training. This early socialisation is particularly valuable.

However training a dog is like teaching a child. It takes time. Dogs need to keep repeating and reinforcing the good behaviours they’ve learnt, and they need to become sufficiently self-controlled to behave well when there are distractions. Many dog behaviour problems are caused by lack of socialising. Puppies and adolescent dogs need ongoing exposure to new dogs and people while they are maturing to help them develop the social skills our community values.

Taking a dog to training for 6 weeks is not going to fully meet these needs, no matter how good the training is. To get lasting results your dog needs ongoing training and socialisation. TDTC will provide this.