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Obedience training is offered for fully-vaccinated dogs aged 3 months and older.

Dog sports

The club runs a number of dog sport activities including agility, flyball, scentwork, rally-o and tricks

Trials & events

The club hosts a number of dog sport trials and other events over the year


Events and club news items

Yellow dog campaign

TDTC supports the ACT Government’s Yellow Dog campaign. Yellow vests and bandanas are available from the clubhouse for use during class. Please talk to your instructor if you would like one. If you see a Read more…

Clicker training

Clicker Training, or operant conditioned training, is based on the concept that the consequences of a behaviour (the event that immediately follows it) determine whether or not that behaviour is repeated. For example if I Read more…

Trick classes

Are you looking for an alternative to behaviour training? Why not try Tricks classes? TRICKS is a relatively new and fun Dog Sport. Classes are held at the club on Sunday afternoons. There are 4 Read more…

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